Wood craft ideas

Susan Fernandez December 12 2021

Home design and improvement magazines are a great source of ideas for wood crafts. You can find simple projects that are perfect for beginners, or more challenging projects if you're looking to expand your skills.

When most people think about wood crafts, the first thing that comes to mind is carving, whittling, or some other form of detailed workmanship. However, there are many simple projects that can be completed quickly and easily.

Wooden craft as a hobby

Do you have a hobby? If not, why don`t try it? Many people think that a hobby is a waste of time. But if they continue to look at it this way they never get to know what personal hobbies are really about and how much fun they can be.

One popular hobby is woodworking. This doesn’t require expensive tools, lots of space, or a lot of time. You can make simple wooden craft projects in just a few hours. And there are many different types of woodworking to choose from, so you can find one that perfectly suits your interests and abilities.

Once you have learned the basics of woodworking, you can move on to more complex projects. Or you can continue making simple projects that are easy and fun to do. Whichever route you choose, woodworking can provide you with endless hours of enjoyment. So what are you waiting for? Get started on your new hobby today!

What do I need to start my own woodworking hobby?

As for the tools needed for woodworking, the list is usually pretty simple: A saw (various types), drills, sanding paper/materials, glues, paintbrushes, and something to decorate with. Of course, there are always more things needed throughout your project but these will be most necessary when starting out in this hobby.

Not to mention the fact that it can be very rewarding and relaxing as well as a great stress buster after a hard day at work!

Let’s get started! Here we have a list of the easiest and most attractive wood craft ideas for your house.

One of the simplest wood crafts is a picture frame

All you need is a piece of wood, a saw, some sandpaper, and some paint or stain. You can find frames in all shapes and sizes at your local craft store, or you can make your own.

How to make a wooden frame at home:

  1. Measure the inside of your frame, and cut a piece of wood that size. You can use an old picture frame as a guide if you like.
  2. Sand the edges of the wood if they're rough or uneven. Then paint or stain the wood with your chosen color to match your decor.
  3. Let it dry thoroughly, then place your prints behind glass in your new homemade picture frame!

Another easy project is a wooden tray

Again, all you need is a piece of wood, a saw, some sandpaper, and some paint or stain. You can use this tray to hold drinks or snacks when you're watching TV, or you could use it as a decorative piece on your coffee table.

Steps to make:

  1. Cut three pieces of wood and sand the edges if they're rough or uneven (optional).
  2. Apply glue to each piece, then clamp them together to dry overnight.
  3. Drill a hole in the back of the tray for hanging. If you like, you can add some wooden knobs as well, but be sure to sand them first so they don't splinter when you screw them into place!
  4. Paint or stain your tray with your chosen color and let it dry thoroughly before using or displaying it!

Last but not least is an oldie: repurposed furniture! You can use almost anything for a unique and colorful side table: wooden wine crates, old wheelbarrows, even a metal drum!

A great wood craft idea is a jewelry box

They are easy to make, and you can have fun decorating them however you like. If you're staining the box, you can either use paint or markers to decorate it before you finish it.

How to make it:

  1. Cut your wood to the desired size and shape.
  2. Sand the edges if they're rough or uneven.
  3. Apply a coat of stain or paint, and while it's still wet, sprinkle on some brightly colored glitter, confetti, or beads.
  4. Let it dry thoroughly, then apply a second coat of paint or sealer.
  5. Decorate the top of your jewelry box with a beautiful picture or mirror, and attach a closure of your choice (hinges are easy to find at most hardware stores). There you have it! Your own customized jewelry box!

A simple project that's fun for beginners is making coasters out of wine corks

All you need is some cork scraps, a ruler, hot glue or epoxy, and felt circles (to go underneath each cork). Once your coasters are complete, they'll protect your tables from moisture rings!

Making process:

  1. Cut your cork into squares or rectangles and use a ruler to make sure they're all the same size (four inches by four inches is usually a good size).
  2. Glue each one to its felt circle, and let it dry overnight. If you want to be extra-cautious, you can put cardboard or scrap wood underneath the corks as they dry, to protect your surfaces from those sharp corks (especially if using hot glue)! Once you've made this easy project, try making coasters out of other materials like leather scraps!

You can try to do a wooden sign with a stencil

It is a good variant for decorating your bedroom, dining room, bath - whatever! You may choose different designs and styles. To make such a sign you will need: plywood; paint, brushes; stencil; nails and screws; saw (if needed).

Steps in how to make it:

  1. Cut the plywood to the desired size and shape with a saw, if needed.
  2. Paint the plywood with primer and let it dry.
  3. Apply a layer of paint in the color of your choice and let it dry.
  4. Place the stencil on top of the painted plywood and secure it with some painter's tape.
  5. Outline the letters or design with a pencil, then carefully fill them in with paint (you can use a brush or a sponge).
  6. Let the paint dry completely, then apply a sealant for protection (optional).
  7. Nail or screw the sign into place on your wall or door!

Quite useful wooden clock

What time is it? Right, it`s high time to create an amazing craft clock! You will need: plywood; saw (if needed); clock mechanism; paint, brushes, sandpaper; decorative elements (optional).

How to make it:

  1. Cut the plywood to the desired size and shape with a saw, if needed. Sand the edges if they're rough or uneven.
  2. Paint the plywood with primer and let it dry. Apply a layer of paint in the color of your choice and let it dry.
  3. Once the paint is completely dry, apply a sealant for protection (optional).
  4. Place the clock mechanism on top of the painted plywood and mark where the holes should be (you may need to make them with a saw if the mechanism doesn't include predrilled holes).
  5. Drill or screw the clock mechanism into place on your new wooden clock! 6. Add any decorative elements you like (paint, decoupage, stickers, etc.).

Kitchen table with a flip-top

Tired of having to clear off the kitchen table every time you need to cook something? So just replace it with a new one! What material would be better for this purpose than wood? You will need: plywood; saw (if needed); drill and screws; stained glass.

How to make it:

  1. Cut the plywood to size and shape, then mark where you want your legs to go using a pencil.
  2. Drill holes at each spot marked, then screw in four flipper legs.
  3. Stain the top of the tabletop with whatever color you like best, making sure that all parts are covered evenly (you can use an old rag or paintbrush for this).
  4. After the stain is dry, carefully place the stained glass on top. If it doesn't fit perfectly, don't worry - you can always trim it to size with a pair of scissors. 5. Apply some silicone sealant around the edge of the glass to secure it in place (optional).

A pencil holder will be a nice device for your kids

It’s easy and funny to make, cause its shape is quite simple, If you are a beginner, this woodcraft idea is right for you! You will need wooden clothespins; paint, brushes; a pencil sharpener (optional).

How to make it:

  1. Paint the clothespins any color you like and let them dry.
  2. Once they're dry, use a pencil sharpener to sharpen one end of each clothespin (optional).
  3. To make a stand for your pencil holder, cut a piece of cardboard or scrap wood to the desired size and shape. Glue or screw the clothespins into place on the stand.
  4. Your new pencil holder is now ready to use! Rather than using a boring old desk caddy, try making this simple idea. It would be a nice stationery organizer to keep at home or in the office.

Safety tips

While making wooden craft things, please remember about safety. Wear gloves, goggles, and a mask when working with paints, glues, saws, and other tools. Keep your work area clean and organized to avoid any accidents. Be very careful when using sharp tools and make sure that all children are supervised when they're in the vicinity of any craft activities.

These are just a few examples of wooden crafts that you can make at home. Once you get started, the possibilities are endless! So get creative, have fun, and happy crafting!

How to choose wood for your craft ideas?

When choosing wood for your crafting project, it's important to take into account the type of wood, its color and texture, and how easy it is to work with. Some woods are easier to cut and sand than others, so if you're a beginner, choose softwood like pine or cedar. If you're looking for a beautiful finish on your project, choose a harder wood like mahogany or oak.

As for color and texture, there are endless possibilities, so just go with what you like! Experiment with different types of wood until you find the perfect one for your project.

Craft with your family

Do your children like to craft? If so, don`t waste their time and make a box for your kids together. It will help you to make a nice and funny present and to spend more time with your children (especially if you`re not living together).

You can make wooden toys together or other wooden craft ideas. For example, you may choose a box for your kids` toys or room decoration. The design will be up to you.

Psychologists recommend that playing and communicating with your kids brings you closer together plus helps them develop their creativity and problem-solving skills. Playing with your kids is actually considered an effective parenting technique to use as a disciplinary method.