Kids bookshelf DIY instructions

Susan Fernandez April 04 2022

If you're looking for a fun and easy DIY project to do with your kids, look no further than this kids' bookshelf! When it comes to kids' bookshelves, there are so many different options available that it can be tough to choose just one. But with this easy-to-follow DIY tutorial, you'll be able to build a beautiful and functional bookshelf that your kids will love.

Is it cheaper to build a bookcase?

The cost of building a bookcase is about $1,000. The average price to construct a bookshelf, as shown above, is calculated data for contractors vs. do-it-yourselfers to compare their quote with doing it themselves. How much does it cost to build a bookcase? 

When compared with paying a carpenter, the DIY expense of constructing an easy bookcase is $275, whereas hiring an expert costs upwards of $978. That is why this project is the perfect option for those looking to save some money while still getting a great end result.

How do you make a kids' bookshelf at home?

For such a DIY project, you'll need some basic tools and materials, including a saw, screwdriver, measuring tape, level, drill, hammer, paint or varnish, screws, and sandpaper.

If you don't have all the tools and materials needed for this project, don't worry - you can easily find them at your local hardware store. Just make sure to ask a sales associate for help if you're not sure what to get. Once you have everything you need, follow the steps below to build your own kids' bookshelf:

Step1. Cut the boards to size using a saw. Measure twice and cut once to avoid any mistakes.

Step 2. Drill pilot holes into the boards using a drill and screwdriver. This will make it easier to screw in the screws later on.

Step 3. Paint or varnish the boards, if desired. This step is optional, but it will help protect the boards from wear and tear.

Step 4. Screw the boards together using screws and a screwdriver. Make sure the screws are tight so that the bookshelf is sturdy.

Step 5: Sand down any rough edges using sandpaper. This step is also optional, but it will help create a smooth finish for the bookshelf.

And there you have it! Your very own DIY kids' bookshelf. This project is perfect for anyone looking.

How do you make a kids` floating bookshelf?

Another nice idea for your DIY bookcase is to make a floating bookshelf. It`s perfect for small rooms because it doesn`t take up any floor space. For this project, you will need the following materials:

  • 4 wooden boards
  • 2 metal brackets
  • 1 drill
  • 1 saw
  • 4 screws
  • 4 nails

First, cut the boards to the desired length. Then, drill holes in the boards for the screws. Next, screw the metal brackets into the holes. Finally, hang the bookshelf on the wall using nails or another type of fastener.

You can paint or decorate the bookshelf any way you like to personalize it. This is a great project for kids to help with because it`s simple and fun. Plus, they`ll be excited to see their own handiwork on display in their room!

You can add some extra flair to this project by using different shaped boards or painting the brackets in a fun color. Get creative and have fun with it!

How do you make a bookshelf without tools?

If you're looking for a fun and easy project to do with your kids, look no further than this bookshelf DIY! With just a few supplies from around the house, you can have a brand new bookshelf up and running in no time.

Here's what you'll need:

  • A few old newspapers
  • A couple of cardboard boxes
  • Some duct tape
  • Scissors

Step1. Take your old newspapers and tear them into strips. You'll need about 10 strips per box, depending on the size of your boxes.

Step2. Tape the strips together to form a long strip of paper.

Step3. Wrap the paper around one of the cardboard boxes, making sure to overlap the edges slightly.

Step4. Tape the edges of the paper down to secure it in place.

Step5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for the other box.

Step6. Once both boxes are covered, stack them on top of each other and tape them together.

And that's it! Your new bookshelf is ready to use. Just fill it with your child's favorite books and let them enjoy their very own space. This project is a great way to recycle old newspapers and cardboard boxes, and it's a fun activity for the whole family. So get creative and have fun!

How do you build a 2x4 bookcase?

Your children will definitely like the idea of having 2x4 DIY bookcase in their room. Not only will it serve as a great place to store their books, but they can also use it as a display shelf for their favorite toys and collectibles. Materials for such a bookcase are:

  • 8 2x4s
  • 1 sheet of 3/4" plywood
  • 1 sheet of 1/4" plywood
  • 1 gallon of white paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Construction adhesive
  • Cordless drill
  • 1 1/2" hole saw
  • Jigsaw
  • Circular saw

Building the bookcase is a fairly simple process. First, you need to cut the 2x4s to size. You will need four pieces that are 35" long and four pieces that are 11" long. Then, use a jigsaw to cut a curve into the 35" long 2x4s.

Next, drill three holes into each end of the 11" long 2x4s. These will be used to attach the shelf supports to the sides of the bookcase. Now it's time to assemble the bookcase. First, attach the 35" long 2x4s to the wall using construction adhesive. Then, add the plywood shelves. Cut the 3/4" plywood to size and then drill holes into the shelf so that you can attach it to the 2x4 supports.

Finally, cut the 1/4" plywood to size and use it as a back for the bookcase. Attach it to the 2x4s using construction adhesive and then paint the whole bookcase white. Let your children help you decorate their new bookshelf however they want!

How do you make a bookshelf out of old books?

This DIY bookshelf is a great way to upcycle old books and turn them into something new and fun. All you need is a few supplies and some creativity.


  • Old books
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Ribbon or string
  • Wire (optional)


Step1. Start by cutting the cover off of each book. You can either cut straight across or follow the curve of the spine.

Step2. Next, cut each book in half vertically. If you want your shelves to be extra sturdy, you can glue these pages together in pairs.

Step3. Once all of your books are cut, it's time to start gluing them together. Begin by applying a generous amount of glue to the spine of one book. Then, place another book on top and press down firmly. Repeat this process until all of your shelves are complete.

Step4. If desired, you can reinforce the shelves by running a piece of wire or ribbon through the spines. This will help keep the shelves from sagging in the middle.

Step5. Hang your new bookshelf on the wall and fill it with your favorite books!

How do you build a free-standing bookshelf?

Finally, this DIY project is not the easiest one, though it looks fabulous! Free-standing bookshelves are a bit more tricky than the wall-mounted ones. If you want to achieve a similar look, here is what you will need in such materials:

  • 8 wooden boards (1" x 10" x 8')
  • Nails
  • Hammer
  • Saw
  • Stain or paint

First of all, take 4 boards and cut them in half. These will be the shelves of your bookshelf. The remaining 4 boards will be used for the frame. To make the frame, nail 2 boards together at right angles. Make sure to create a 90-degree angle! Do the same with the other 2 boards. Now you should have 2 rectangles. These are the sides of your frame.

To attach the shelves, nail each shelf into each side of the frame. Make sure that the shelves are evenly spaced out! Now you can stain or paint your bookshelf whatever color you want. Let the stain or paint dry completely before moving on to the next step.

The last step is to attach the backboard. This will make your bookshelf sturdier and prevent items from falling off the back of the shelves. Nail the backboard onto the frame and voila! You've now built a free-standing bookshelf.

Now fill it up with some books and decorative items and enjoy!

What can I use instead of a bookshelf?

If you need an alternative for your kids` bookshelf, check these ideas asap.

  • A crate: You can use a milk crate or any other type of crate. Just make sure to add some felt pads on the bottom so it doesn`t scratch your floor. You can also add decorative fabric to the outside of the crate for a more finished look.
  • A cabinet: An old cabinet can work great as a kids' bookshelf. Just remove the doors and voila! You may want to add some shelves to the inside of the cabinet if it`s not deep enough to hold all of your child`s books.
  • A dresser: A dresser with no drawers makes for a perfect bookcase. Simply remove the drawers and voila! You can also add decorative knobs or pulls to the front of the dresser for a more finished look.
  • A table: An end table or coffee table can work as a kids' bookshelf. Just make sure it`s not too tall for your child to reach. You may want to add some shelves to the inside of the table if it`s not deep enough to hold all of your child`s books.
  • A wall shelf: A wall shelf is a great option if you don`t have a lot of floor space. Just make sure it`s installed at a height that`s comfortable for your child to reach.
  • A bar cart: This is a great option if you want something that`s both functional and stylish. Just make sure to add some felt pads to the bottom of the cart so it doesn`t scratch your floor.
  • A toy box: A toy box can work as a kids' bookshelf if it`s big enough. Just make sure to remove any toys that are too small for your child to avoid choking hazards.
  • Mix books with pictures: If you don`t understand how can you use instead of a bookshelf, try this idea. Simply put some of your child`s favorite books on display and intersperse them with framed pictures or artwork. This is a great way to add some personality to your child`s bookshelf.
  • A windowsill: As a bonus, this is a great way to let natural light into your child`s room. Just make sure to add some felt pads to the bottom of the windowsill so it doesn`t scratch your floor.
  • A hutch or buffet for book storage: You must be careful with this one, as you don`t want your child to be able to climb on top of it and hurt themselves. But if you can find a hutch or buffet that`s the right height, it can make for a great kids' bookshelf. Just make sure to remove any doors or drawers that could pose a choking hazard for your child.
  • A mantel: Try to use a mantel if you have one in your child`s room. It`s the perfect height for displaying books and it`s a great way to add some personality to your child`s bookshelf. Just make sure to remove any objects that could pose a choking hazard for your child.

Final words

With all the above ideas for the DIY kids' bookshelf, we hope that you can choose the most suitable one for your beloved kids. No matter which option you choose, just make sure it`s safe for your child and easy for them to use. And most importantly, have fun!